Ease2Lease | The smart way to rent and SAVE.
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Tenant Benefits:

  • One simple low Move-In Fee.
  • Easy sign-up.
  • Fast approval.
  • Quick, Efficient, Affordable.

Save thousands instantly!

We know moving can be financially stressful. But, what if you could replace the large security deposit for your new home for a small and convenient move-in fee? Well, now you can with Ease2Lease!

Give us a call.

(786) 760 1077
Landlord Benefits:

  • Lower vacancy periods.
  • Increase tenant retention.
  • Fast & Easy deposit claim process.
  • Peace of mind against damages and loss rent.

Increase your bottom line.

Offer prospect tenants significantly lower move-in costs, make your rental property stand above the market, and secure full protection against any possible excessive damage and lost rent caused by tenant negligence.

Give us a call.

(786) 760 1077
Agent Benefits:

  • Rent properties easier and faster.
  • Greater protection for your landlord clients.
  • Help your tenant client reduce the burden of expensive move-in costs.
  • Earn money with our referral program.

A real Win-Win-Win scenario.

Help tenants save money in move-in costs, reduce landlord’s vacancy periods, and make money all at the same time!

Give us a call.

(786) 760 1077

How does Ease2Lease works?

The smart way to rent & SAVE!
Find your Ease2Lease approved Ideal Home.
Review ELLOC Requirements & Complete Online Application.
Get Instant ELLOC Approval & Submit Payment Online.
Happy Tenant moves-in & Landlord gets full protection.

Tenants save thousands instantly!

Ease2Lease offers qualified tenants a low-cost alternative to traditional move-in costs with a simpler, faster, and easier way. Get approved in minutes while saving thousands at the same time!


Reduce Vacancy Periods.

Reduced move-in costs allow rental homes and condos to stand out from similar comparable properties, generate more offers from qualified prospects, and substantially reduce vacancy and tenant turnover rates.


Greater Protection & Peace of Mind for Landlords.

Owners received the right protection against loss rent & unreasonable damages. Claims are fast, simple, and disbursement of funds is instant.


A simple, creative solution that benefits Landlords & Tenants.

Ease2Lease offers personal Letters-Of-Credit (ELLOC) to well-qualified tenants in the amount equal to the rental property’s security deposit. The ELLOC can only be released upon mutual consent by all parties.


Fast & Effective Dispute Resolutions.

If a landlord-tenant dispute arises, Ease2Lease will serve as an unbiased Third-Party to the lease transaction to determine the proper disbursement of funds in accordance with the respective governing laws from each State or municipality.


Ease2Lease App.

(Coming soon)

Applying is easy, simple and fast. Just download the Ease2Lease App and get moving.

Apply from your phone and get approved in minutes.

Your personal information is protected by our end-to-end encryption software.

You and your landlord get instant notification once approved.

If a cosigner is needed, they can be added to the application electronically.

About Us.

The Idea

Ease2Lease offers qualified tenants a low-cost alternative to traditional move-in costs with a simpler, faster, and easier way. It only takes a few minutes to get approved and save thousands instantly.

About the Company

Ease2Lease is a technology company that provides well-qualified tenants with a lower-cost alternative to their financial move-in needs. Our platform uses aggregated data cross-examinations to get a holistic view of the applicant’s financial status and deliver instant solutions to facilitate their relocation process.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to re-shape the leasing process for residential properties by offering innovative security deposit alternatives that increase protection for landlords while significantly reduce the financial burden for tenants during their relocation process.

Founder + Advisory Team

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-07 at 9.48.53 PM
Jiovanny Restrepo
Founder & C.E.O.
Ray Garcia
Ray Garcia
Business Advisory & Consulting.
Arthur Unger
Advisor - Accounting.
Chief Technology Officer